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        1. Hebei Metals & Engineering Products  Co., Ltd. is specialized in supplying various Casting as per customer's drawing and requirement. Most of products sell to North America, European countries.
          We provide Wrought iron ornaments, Plumbing and Drainage Products(No Hub pipe and fittings, Ductile iron pipe ...

          Add:No.598 West Heping Road,Middle 4 Building,Shijiazhuang, China

          Tel: 86-311-87818605 87818606

          Fax:86-311-87811181 87811180


          Auto Parts

          Process: investment casting /shell mould casting/resin sand casting/lost foam casting/sand casting; Material: carbon steel / stainless steel aluminum / iron Certification:TS16949 certified

          Mechanical Parts

          Process:casting /stamping /Forging /forming/
          folding /welding Material: iron /brass /nickel bronze /aluminum /stainless

          Plumbing Parts

          Cast Iron/Ductile iron pipe and fittings PVC pipe and fittings, Manhole cover and Frames, Trench drain and Grating, Floor drains and Roof drains Certification: UPC / CSA /EN877

          Valve and Pump

          Process: investment casting /sand casting Material: iron /brass/stainless /steel

          Gates,Fences And Ornamental Accessories

          Cast iron and steel ornamental accessories Gates and fences according to the customer's design

          Steel Sheet And Related Products

          Process: investment casting /sand casting Material: iron /brass/stainless /steel

          Cast Iron Cookware

          Skillet,grill,griddle,sizzler plate,muffin pan,casserole,sauce pan,dutch oven,wok,fondue set,tea pot,trivet

          3D products

          3D products are a kind of new type of building decoration materials.3D products can be used on the wall or ceiling indoor,like bar,KTV creative,children recreation space,restaurants,villas,shops,home furnitures,fashion backgroud wall,integrated ceiling and other places.


          Various products according to the customer's drawing


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